The CSS Zone is a expository database of information pertaining to Cascading Style Sheets and its use within Wikidot. The purpose of the site is to serve as a reference point and instructional guide for this knowledge in order for Wikidot users to utilize Wikdot's customizable potential. For those first starting in the Wikidot syntax, this site can help them start in the realm of CSS to customize sites to fit purpose and function. Furthermore, even those who know CSS substantially can use this site as a reference for Wikidot's many CSS classes and ids, and furthermore learn valuable tips that can help aid in things such as browser compatibility.

This site is the CSS Zone's Sandbox, where you can freely test CSS code and instantly see how it affects your page. You can test new themes, apply theoretical tricks, and much more. Furthermore, this site contains a variety of examples from the CSS Zone Guide which you may manipulate at will to directly experience and fiddle with the limits of CSS.

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